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Guest blog: Killer AI and Lovable Robots: Test Your AI Film Knowledge

Welcome to our guest blog, courtesy of Kim Honjo of Salesforce: Humans have had a fascination with artificial intelligence (AI) for longer than you probably realize. While the term ‘artificial intelligence’ is relatively new, the concept of non-humans or artificial creatures coming to life traces back to Greek mythology and even earlier. By the 19thRead more

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Guest blog: How AI will serve as a business concierge in the future

Over the past decade, B2B marketing has undergone a massive transformation. According to Forrester Research, the entire B2B sector represents more than $1 trillion in digital commerce every year, more than double the size of the B2C economy. But what’s next? Read on as guest blogger Aman Naimat of Demandbase explores whether artificial intelligence is the rocket fuel to take us through the next decade of marketing technology.

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Velocify plus Conversica equals one awesome lead management solution

One of the cooler things about Conversica is the way it pulls together a larger sales/marketing automation partner ecosystem to constantly improve the way our customers manage, engage and close their leads. So we’re proud to introduce another important partner: Velocify. For customers leveraging both Velocify and Conversica, one plus one equals far more than just two.

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Sales Development best practices featuring execs from Salesforce, SteelBrick, the TAS Group and Conversica

C-Level Execs Share Sales Development Best Practices for High Growth Companies

Recently, Salesforce hosted a webcast on Sales Development best practices for early-stage companies. The webcast featured C-level executives from SteelBrick, TAS Group and Conversica speaking about their experiences starting and scaling teams of sales development reps tasked with following up on inbound leads and creating new opportunities through outbound prospecting.

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Salesforce live webcast: 3 execs on sales development best practices

Join three executives, including Conversica’s CEO Mark Bradley, and Salesforce for Startups leader Mike Kreaden on this live webcast to hear how to advance your sales development, lead follow-up and prospecting best practices.

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New integration and partnership with Marketo announced and demonstrated

Over the last week, we announced our partnership with Marketo, got listed in their LaunchPoint partner program and debuted the Conversica-Marketo integration to hundreds of Marketo customers at their annual Summit in San Francisco.

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Conversica partners with the AA-ISP

Joining the AA-ISP and helping advance the profession of inside sales

Earlier today we announced a major sponsorship of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP). This organization was founded to help advance the art and science of inside sales, which is a cause we strongly support at Conversica.

With some 9,000 members representing 4,000 different companies, the organization is doing admirable work in bringing together the brightest minds in sales, sharing best practices, answering questions and generally helping to advance the careers of its members.

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