Meet Your Highest Performing Sales Development Rep

Conversica AI Assistants are your best SDRs on the team – adding thousands of hours of productivity and saving $100Ks. By delivering prompt, personalized, and persistent sales outreach, Conversica AI Assistants find more sales-ready leads and help your Sales team build healthier pipeline to hit their revenue targets.


Become a Revenue Generating Machine With Conversational Sales



Rekindle Sales Conversations With Prospects Gone Dark

Persistence pays off – Conversica customers see 33% of their silent opportunities come back to life. AI Assistants conduct proactive outreach against opportunities that have gone dark, helping Sales reps keep momentum and preventing deals from stalling or falling out of the funnel.

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inbound MQLs

Turn More MQLs Into Meetings by Working Every Lead to the Fullest

Sales reps only have so many hours in the day. So when lead volume gets heavy, Sales touches get light and leads go to waste. Conversica Sales AI Assistants use Conversational Sales to drive consistent, personalized outreach to ensure you aren’t leaving any money on the table.

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target accounts

Uncover Hidden Opportunities Among Unresponsive Leads With AI for Sales

Your audience is busy and distracted, making persistence and personalization essential to grab their attention. Conversica conducts personalized outreach against unresponsive leads after Sales reps give up, improving response rates and converting leads to meetings up to 25% of the time.

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former customers

Use Conversational Sales to Win Back Former Customers

You don’t know if you don’t ask. Proactively touch previous or lost customers to see if they are back in market with AI for Sales—1 in 5 are interested in another meeting.

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“The results we have seen in fewer than 60 days are nothing short of eye-opening. Such an efficient tool with REAL bottom line results. We currently have identified through Conversica more than 75 HOT LEADS and have closed more the 20 leads. All while continuing to keep the funnel of new leads filled for our sales team.”

– Kristopher S., Marketing Director, Mid-Market

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Build Healthier Pipeline With AI for Sales

The cost of acquiring an inbound customer is two-thirds less than an outbound lead. But only 30% of inbound leads are worked on average. Don’t leave easy revenue on the table. Conversational Sales delivers human-like conversations at scale, helping you discover more qualified opportunities faster, and that means more revenue.


Increase Workforce Productivity Without Increasing Headcount

Conversica supports your Sales team by taking on the mundane task of lead outreach, but it’s not just about automating repetitive, routined tasks. AI Assistants do the outreach work of 10 of your best SDRs, which means you’ll be adding capacity for your Sales team without ever conducting an interview.

Improve Visibility and Accountability

Keep your Sales team accountable with improved visibility into lead follow-up with Conversica reports, dashboards, and alerts. AI Assistants help keep your database current by automatically updating the CRM with any new contact information garnered from their outreach. Sales can focus on high-value tasks, rather than waste precious cycles updating the database.


Accelerate Your Sales Cycle

You don’t need more leads. You need a better way to convert existing leads into pipeline opportunities. Starting conversations earlier identifies sales-ready leads faster—accelerating your sales cycle. By reaching out early and often, pre-opportunity stages are shortened dramatically.

The Digital Sales Force is Here to Stay

Consumers want more remote, self-service education and expect immediate engagement after contacting a company. Businesses are contending with a digital-first world, but still want to engage customers in a personalized selling experience. This eBook explores challenges and limitations to adopting the rise of digital sales and how to best innovate your techniques and technologies to match the new normal.


Equip Your Conversica AI Assistant with Skills that Make Her a Sales Superstar


First point of contact to engage prospects who recently requested contact online; e.g. low-scoring leads, partner referrals


Reach out to trial leads to educate on the benefits of the product and convert them into active paid customers; e.g. free trials, free downloads

ACTIVATE Unresponsive

Second point of contact (after your sales rep attempted outreach) for prospects who previously showed high levels of interest

WIN BACK Former Customers

Proactively reach out to recently lost customers who left more than 90 days ago or long-lost customers who left more than a year ago.


Contact existing opportunities late in the funnel and advance through the sales process; e.g. remind prospects to decide or to complete forms

“We now use Conversica to contact 90,000 prospects every quarter. This is a huge volume, and the biggest benefit is that we can do it quickly. With Conversica, we’re able to have a real conversation with each one, a personal email thread that can really cut through the clutter and get people’s attention”

Kate Cindric Federhar
Manager of Marketing Operations, CenturyLink

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