PCG Consulting (Eatontown, NJ) announced today that intelligent automation platform’s AVA software was recognized with a 2013 PCG Spotlight Award. AVA is one of six products recognized this year from over 1,000 products showcased at the 2013 NADA Convention in Orlando. AVA is a revolutionary product that assists car dealers with some of their biggest profit leaks: lead nurturing and lead handling.

Dealers have process in place to respond to Internet leads, but at some point, these processes breakdown. There comes a time when the consumer does not respond. So what should the dealer do? Keep sending emails and phone calls? The answer could be yes, but the good news is that there is a new breed of software on the market to nurture leads after your staff has marked them dead or inactive.

Dealers that do not have a solid long-term follow up process could find that by installing an automated system that nurtures unresponsive, inactive, or dead deals will yield a greater return on their investment, higher closing ratio, and ultimately be able to sell more cars.

How? No more cherry picking. Dealers know that many Internet sales professionals will “cherry pick” new leads rather that work leads that are over 30 days old. So instead of allowing the idea of cherry picking to continue, dealers need to consider a two-tiered lead follow up life cycle. Tier One is the activity where sales professionals must follow a stringent but pleasantly persistent process for a set amount of time.

After this window of opportunity to connect with the customer, Tier Two follow up kicks in. This is all automated and continues until engagement from the consumer is received. Then the lead is reactivated in the CRM for sales professional to close.

This two-tier system frees up your sales professionals to do what they do best: connect with customers and sell cars. The automation allows the dealers to stay in front of the customer on a long-term basis. Once a customer is re-engaged, the sales professional then is forced back into the follow up process.

According to intelligent automation platform’s website: “AVA Engages the customer: 40-56% of all leads respond to AVA.”

“I have been part of many companies, but I have never seen a product such as AVA. The way she works for dealers is just amazing. Her emails get through to all lead forms and her appointment ratio is running in the 70%. AVA is the perfect enhancement to any dealership.

AVA will work all of your leads perfectly to engage and bring that shopper into your dealership. She also gives you additional features such as Customer Feedback, Rating of Sales Staff and one of my favorites is the Lead Source Performance report. You now have the opportunity to see what leads are really working for your dealership.” stated Kendall Billman, VP of Sales & Marketing.

Regardless if dealers take this two-tiered approach, dealers must learn to adapt and use their CRM. They must test and leverage all tools that will keep their brand in front of an in-market shopper. At the NADA Convention, intelligent automation platform was showing dealers some amazing statistics and backing up their claims with a compelling offer to re-engage leads that dealers have marked dead. Is it time to try AVA? We say yes!

Congratulations to the development team behind AVA. For additional information, dealers can visit the AVA website for a demo and pricing.

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