Getting a new car can be an exhilarating experience, but there are aspects to the car-buying process that many Americans find frustrating. We recently polled over 1,000 Americans to determine:

  • How they choose where to buy new cars
  • Common pain points of the car-buying experience
  • Ways the car-buying experience can be made more enjoyable

How Americans Decide Where to Buy a New Car

Roughly 1 in 5 Americans (19 percent) has bought a new car or truck in the past year or plan to buy one in the coming year.

How do they decide which dealership to visit?

women and men car buying


The Pain Points of the Process

When asked what aspect of the new car or truck buying process they most dislike, Americans said they dislike the time it takes to research or negotiate the best deal (29 percent). This is especially true of Millennials (34 percent).

Having a good rapport with the salespeople also makes a huge difference in the car-buying experience—37 percent of Americans say they most dislike having to work with a salesperson they aren’t sure they can trust. This is equally true of men and women.


Automation to the Rescue

Almost all Americans would like to see some aspect of the car-buying experience automated:

how much automation 2

“Buying a new vehicle can be a long, complicated and stressful process for all parties involved,” said Alex Terry, CEO of Conversica. “Our survey findings reveal some obvious areas where the industry could benefit from automation, and the rise of artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning is now making that automation possible. From helping buyers find the vehicle best suited to their needs to helping sales more effectively follow up on leads, AI can make the experience more positive and productive for people on both sides of the process.”


AI to Power the Future of Auto Sales

AI capabilities are increasingly being applied to automate processes that have traditionally been handled manually. For example, Conversica is leveraging this technology to achieve impressive, measurable results for its customers—particularly in the automotive industry.

A leading provider to hundreds of franchise auto dealers around the world, including large dealership groups such as Boch Automotive Group and the Faulkner Organization, Conversica provides a cloud-based artificial intelligence service that presents itself as a sales or service assistant. This assistant reaches out to internet sales and service leads and engages each of them in a human-like conversation.

With a response rate that is often three to five times higher than marketing or sales emails, Conversica’s assistants significantly increase the number of quality conversations with potential and future customers and reduce the time salespeople, BDC reps and service advisors spend chasing leads. From more conversations come more showroom and service drive visits and, as a result, more dealership revenue.

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