In follow-up to our 2019 Predictions webinar, we asked some of our partners to share their predictions for 2019. Conversica Partner Marketing and Sales leaders and C-Level team members at IMPACT, LeanData, Metadata, SnapApp, Uberflip, Vengresso and Vidyard share their top Sales and Marketing trends and predictions for this coming year.


Gil Allouche, CEO, Metadata

I think marketers will break the status quo in 2019 by implementing 3 tactics:

  • Break the silos between their marketing automation technologies : every marketing tool is a public API that allows marketers to free their data from those tools into one place to see it all. No more switching around between tools.
  • Optimize their marketing operations and campaigns based  on real business KPIs (pipeline) vs vanity metrics (eg email opens, impressions). With technologies like Bizible from marketo or Datorama from Salesforce.
  • Leverage agile marketing and experimentation (vs waterfall approach) for everything digital marketing campaigns  —— this is the biggest one. So far marketing has been done in a manual form, testing only 3-4% of what’s possible. Using experimentation technology  (eg companies can (without hiring a single more person) go through thousands of different combinations and iterations to hone in on what exact campaigns work best for them. 


Vin Gaeta, Director of Strategic Partnerships, IMPACT

For 2019 marketers trying to break the status quo, my belief is they’ll be changing how they approach content and the buyer journey by focusing on more video for human to human marketing and selling. To further that, my hope is they don’t shy away from the sometimes “scary” questions that always get asked – but rarely get answered (when they really should). Things like pricing, honest comparisons between their company and their competitors, and quite frankly why the prospect would find value in what they offer – rather than only talking about themselves (which is shockingly still a trend).


Seth Lieberman, CEO, SnapApp

“Marketers are going to blow up their lead gated content models in 2019.  They don’t work for anyone, not the prospect, not the marketer, and definitely not sales.”

“It will take all of 2019, but it will be the year that marks the tipping point where content marketing becomes just marketing.”


Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing, Vidyard

“2019 will see a big shift in how marketers use tools like video, chat and conversational content to build more authentic relationships and to personalize the customer experience. Gated white papers and clickbait will be replaced with un-gated videos and conversational chatbots to align with the shifting expectations of today’s buyers, offering new opportunities to expand reach and build human connections with audiences at scale.”


Asher Mathew, VP Business Development, LeanData

Today’s customer wants, and demands, a personal – and even intimate – focus on nurturing the relationship. As a result, marketing strategies for innovative companies will revolve around what I like to call the 3 Cs: conversation, clarity and commitment. Let’s have a one-on-one conversation with our prospects to find out what they want, let’s provide clarity on what they need versus what they think they want, and then let’s get a commitment from the provider and the prospect to work together to meet joint goals and all-around success.

2019 will be the year in which marketers will use any and all data and technologies to search for the context to have the right conversation that will convert a prospect to a client or customer. Just like a hot referral vs. a warm or cool referral, this super-targeted approach adds immediate value because it shortens the time in the pipeline and enables more meaningful connections.


Randy Frisch, CMO, President & Cofounder, Uberflip


  • In 2019, marketers will lean on content experience platforms to help them leverage intent data to serve the right content to each unique visitor at the right time. Consumers spend their downtime enjoying the hyper-personalized experiences of Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon and have come to expect this level of personalization when making B2B purchases too. Buyers’ expectations have evolved, and we have to give them a lot more than a one-size-fits-all experience if we want them to engage with us.

Focus on the experience

  • When content marketing first came to be, marketers neglected to think ahead and look at what they were actually going to do with all the content they were creating. Now, creation is only the first step in an organization’s investment in content. In 2019, marketers will place a heavier focus on creating content experiences that are designed to convert.


Bernie Borges, CMO, Vengresso

In 2019, marketers must stop thinking about marketing as the domain of their department – or their logo – and rather look to empower the sales staff to be trained and brand-compliant brand ambassadors. Marketers who think that salespeople don’t want to be marketers have asked the wrong question. Don’t ask sales if they want to be an extension of marketing? Ask Sales if they want content and the training and tools to share content with their buyers to start more sales conversations. Marketing in a silo doesn’t work in the connected age. See LinkedIn’s State of Sales 2018 report: “62% of decision makers look for an informed LinkedIn profile when considering working with a salesperson.” If Marketing doesn’t enable “an informed LinkedIn profile” they’re not doing one of the most needed things a salesperson needs from Marketing. After all, Marketing exists to help enable Sales as much as possible.

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