What if you didn’t have to perform the same repetitive marketing tasks over and over again? Marketing automation tools save time and free up your marketing resources for more productive and valuable tasks. There are now many marketing automation tools available, which raises the question: Which ones are best for you?

This post explores three marketing automation tools that you should be using. These tools will make you more efficient, more productive, and above all, maximize your marketing department ROI.

Marketing Automation Tool #1: Social Media Monitoring and Complaint Routing

There’s quite a bit of noise on social media. Your customers might be saying things about you, but unless you filter what’s valuable from what’s meaningless chatter, you won’t be able to effectively respond to your customers.

Monitoring social media for customer sentiment is a time-consuming and labor-intensive job. It’s nearly impossible to do manually, which is where marketing automation tools come in. A marketing automation tool can monitor various social media platforms for mentions of your brand and then notify you when something comes up.

However, monitoring is only one part of the equation. You need to be able to respond quickly when a negative comment is made about your brand. Marketing automation tools can help with this function, too. They can be configured to alert the right person when someone mentions your company so that he or she can take immediate action to fix the problem.

Marketing Automation Tool #2: Managing Media Relations and Press Coverage

You want positive publicity for your product and share good news about your firm. The best way to do that is to cultivate a relationship with journalists and influencers. These are the people who are searching for stories like yours—all you need to do is connect with them and determine whether they’re the right partner.

Finding the right journalist or influencer in today’s crowded online space can be difficult. It’s easier than ever to share opinions and news, but you need to find the person with a great reputation and the right audience. Tracking down those journalists and influencers takes time and effort.

Marketing automation tools (such as Pitchbox and Tapfluence) can help you find media and influencer contacts, organize those contacts so they’re easy to locate when you need them, reach out to those contacts when you have a story idea, track media and influencer coverage of your brand, and measure the reach of that coverage. With a few keystrokes, you can give your publicity efforts a massive boost.

Marketing Automation Tool #3: Solicit Testimonials and Customer Reviews

Positive press helps generate an interest in your business, but what really sells are customer reviews and testimonials. Research shows that customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating in content marketing (89 percent). People are more likely to buy something when they know another real person has purchased it and enjoyed it or received some benefit from it.

But what’s the best way to get those testimonials and reviews from your customers? You can’t track down every single customer in order to ask them what they thought of your product or service—that would be a waste of time. This is where marketing automation tools come in.

You can actually obtain reviews and testimonials at the same time. Use your marketing automation software to automatically send out a customer satisfaction survey after someone makes a purchase. The survey doesn’t have to be long or complicated—just as long as it asks questions that effectively capture customer sentiment. Questions to consider to gather this data are willingness to recommend, ratings or reviews and open ended customer feedback. At the end of the same survey, add a section where the customer can write a brief testimonial (if he or she chooses). By adding the option to provide positive comments on your survey, you save the time of having to send out a separate testimonial form.

Marketing automation tools offer you a competitive advantage by allowing you to focus on value-generating tasks (such as dealing with complaints, talking to journalists or influencers, and forging customer relationships). Marketing automation also allows you to insert more efficiency into your processes which free up time so you can focus on other revenue generating marketing tasks. Rethink how you market to your customers because it’s time to work smarter not harder!

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