Well folks I have to tell you, it’s very exciting to see as big a kahuna as Salesforce agreeing with us that Artificial Intelligence – AI – is the way of the future for Sales and Marketing teams. It just makes sense. After all, Conversica’s been empowering sales teams for years via AI on the frontend of customer engagement, and now Salesforce is going to help by introducing AI on the backend.

Salesforce’s new Einstein functionality will reportedly look at organizations’ Salesforce data and automatically discover relevant insights, predict future behavior, and proactively recommend best next actions. This sounds great, and should allow salespeople to do their work a lot smarter. And smarter is good, but how do you ensure they’re working on the right things – i.e. closing deals and not just doing grunt work – in the first place?

That’s where Conversica’s AI on the frontend comes into play. Conversica integrates with Salesforce and gives every salesperson their very own AI sales assistant. The assistant leads the charge and – without requiring any intervention – engages potential customers in natural, two-way human conversations. She tirelessly reaches out to every single lead, as many times and over as long a timespan as is required, is always persistent, always polite, and empowers the salespeople to focus on selling and closing deals instead of chasing down leads.

Conversica’s been doing this for over eight years, on behalf of tens of thousands of customers, across millions of automated conversations, winning awards all along the way. So it’s nice to see Salesforce joining the AI party and helping fill out the AI equation for our mutual customers. Guess there’s room for two kahunas in the AI room!

If you’re coming to Dreamforce, why not visit us at booth 124 and see for yourself how Conversica lets your salespeople work smarter – and do the right work – via AI on the frontend?