We recently wrote about AI in the USA – the Conversica US tour continues! But c’mon, why should the US folks have all the AI fun? We love our Canadian friends because they’re awesome people, they have the better view of Niagara Falls and, most importantly, they named their country something really close to what we named our company (still checking which came first).

So it only seemed fitting that we make a big splash at the Canadian Dealer Forum, where you’ll find “a gathering of the most progressive dealers in Canada to connect on the high-level direction for automotive retail, learn what those changes mean and how to drive the industry forward.” And you can bet those most progressive dealers in Canada will want to learn how artificial intelligence software works and how it can be applied today to boost their sales and keep their customers engaged.

To that end, our very own Don Crawford, Sr. Director of Major Accounts, will be presenting on the topic of “Oh the Dollars We Waste: How you squander your marketing budget and how you can fix it today!” You see, dealers today are offered many choices regarding how to spend their advertising dollars. But too many continue to base their decisions upon the wrong thing – close rates. And the fact is, close rates don’t amount to a hill of beans. What really matters is your engagement rate.

Anyone attending the Forum would do well to join – they’ll learn to honestly evaluate how they are spending their digital lead dollars, and determine which lead providers to use and which they should lose. Don’s session will be on Tuesday June 21, Breakout Session 2, 11:45am-12:30pm, in Pinnacle 3. The Forum itself will be held at the Marriott Pinnacle in downtown Vancouver.

Not to be missed, eh?