Bill Goulette, Boch Automotive’s Corporate BDC Director, is one very happy fellow. And who can blame him? Wouldn’t you be happy if you were suddenly banking 60 additional deals in a month? Wouldn’t the ability to objectively compare your lead sources fill your heart with glee? Well of course they would (unless maybe you’re just an inherently grouchy person, in which case don’t worry, there’s still hope for you).

Turns out Bill’s secret weapon in his quest for joy was Conversica. Heck, you can’t get a happier story than this: “Right away, within the first couple of hours of implementing Conversica, the change in customer engagement was like night and day,” Goulette says. “We had Conversica engage throughout the night, and by the time we came in the morning, a customer had already confirmed their email address for us and provided their phone number. All while we were asleep. That was a big deal for us!”

You can check out Bill’s full story here. Follow his lead and you can be happy too!