Harvard Business Review recently published an article on how AI is streamlining marketing and sales.

Advances in AI technology have reached the tipping point where “it’s worthwhile for companies to test AI-powered chat or email tools to see if they can convert more leads, and improve their understanding of what customers want and need.”

For growing companies, interacting with potential customers in a personalized way that today’s savvy buyers have come to expect, is difficult to scale.

With AI-powered lead engagement tools, businesses can:


    1. Connect with leads in a consistent, cost-effective manner.
    2. Gain insights into the prospect’s needs.
    3. Pass off qualified leads to a salesperson.
    4. Follow up again to make sure the customer had a positive experience.


But wait; that’s not all! The highlight of the article (perhaps I’m just a little biased) is the real-world use cases of AI software, featuring Conversica’s customers, CenturyLink and Epson America.

Check out the full article at Harvard Business Review.