Recession-Proof Growth, Part 2: Improving the Experience

Jul 14, 2022 | Blog

Improving the Experience
Welcome to Week 2 of Conversica’s Recession-Proof Growth series.

Last week, we talked about how to prioritize technology when trimming budgets, keeping your revenue engine humming despite reduced resources, and eliminating missed conversation opportunities.

Today, we’re focusing on optimizing the experience your contacts have with your brand to increase revenue—even if your team’s capacity is reduced.

  1. Conversations are $$$, so don’t leave any on the table.
    Every missed conversation is a potential sale, expansion, or renewal falling through the cracks. Now is the time to make sure you have 100% coverage of your leads, prospects, and customers. With stress running high, teams overburdened, and potential reductions in headcount, you can’t rely on humans to touch every contact. AI-powered Conversation Automation engages all your leads and customers in two-way, humanlike dialog, so you can unearth revenue you would have otherwise missed.
  2. Focus on top-tier customer experience to stand out—or be prepared to lose.
    When capacity’s an issue, it’s tempting to offload low-priority accounts to tech-touch engagement programs. But with budgets shrinking, you need to go the extra mile to attract, acquire, and grow all your prospects and customers. More than ever, winning and keeping customers requires you to make it clear you know them and their business. Companies see 3.7x the revenue opportunities when they upgrade from standard, one-way message automation to the hyper-personalized, back-and-forth conversations a digital assistant provides.

  4. Keep the whole journey in mind.
    We all know a customer in the hand is worth 10 in the funnel (is that the saying?). Resources for your revenue teams should bring value to every point in the customer lifecycle to keep contacts moving seamlessly from each step to the next. You’re not only getting more bang for your buck with tools and technology built for your full funnel, you’re also building a more effective and efficient lead-to-advocacy journey.

Speaking of the lifecycle, we’ve got more tips to up your game with existing customers. Join us next week for our third and final post of the Recession-Proof Growth Playbook series to get the inside scoop on retaining and growing customers in a downturn.

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