Dealers today are offered many choices regarding how to spend their advertising dollars. But too many continue to base their decisions upon the wrong thing – close rates!

What really matters is your engagement rate. If this sounds completely foreign to you, you better tune in.

In this webinar, you will learn to honestly evaluate how you are spending your digital lead dollars, and determine which lead providers to use and which you should lose! So bring a pen – you’re going to do some math but the result will be real money back in your pocket.


About the Presenter:

Micah Burgess is Vice President of Sales at Conversica. He is a highly driven senior Sales management professional who understands the importance of Solutions Selling, SaaS and how technology plays an important role in allowing businesses to achieve new levels of revenue and success. Prior to Conversica, Micah held senior Sales roles at DealerFire, Cobalt Automotive Marketing, and VinSolutions.


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