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Following up on leads is fundamental to driving sales. But according to our 2017 Sales Effectiveness study that tracked lead follow-up of more than 800 companies, we found a staggering 38% of companies never responded to their leads.

Of the 540 companies that did follow up, more than half gave up after one or two attempts to reach the lead. As seasoned sales professionals already know, this is rarely enough to even qualify a lead. According to, 8-12 contact attempts over a 10-14 day period is the optimal strategy to maximize the value of every lead.

Number of companies respond


There is an obvious discrepancy between what is considered best practice and what is actually in practice. The issue with under-touching leads isn’t just a matter of missing potential opportunities; it’s also laying waste to the marketing investments made in generating those leads.

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So, what can businesses do to improve inbound lead follow-up?


In this report, we break down the concept of successful lead follow-up into “4 P’s”:

  • Promptness: How quickly does a company follow up on an inquiry with a personalized response?
  • Personalization: To what extent is the response personalized? Does the response provide an opportunity to keep the dialogue going?
  • Persistence: How many attempts did the company make to follow up with the lead?
  • Performance: What was the email deliverability (likelihood of the email landing in the lead’s inbox and not the spam folder)?

In addition, we provide actionable recommendations for each metric to help businesses target specific areas that need improvement.

Check out this short video on why you should download the 2017 Sales Effectiveness Report:

Ready to read the full report? Download it for free here.

Plus, don’t forget to register for our webinar on January 23, 2018 featuring Nancy Nardin of Smart Selling Tools and Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing, as they discuss best practices for implementing the 4 Ps of sales effectiveness.

2017 Sales Effectiveness Report


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