One of the cooler things about Conversica – aside from the super-cool fact that it gives your salespeople more opportunities to score and your marketers better insight into lead sources – is the way it pulls together a larger sales/marketing automation partner ecosystem.

Have Salesforce? Conversica is a partner with Salesforce leads management and will integrate directly into your campaigns and dashboards, and leverage the prospect insight it gains to keep your lead lists clean. Have Marketo? Conversica will use what it learns about prospects’ intent with Marketo software to directly improve the quality of your lead scoring. The benefits are multiplicative – one plus one equals far more than just two.

So we’re proud to introduce another important partner: Velocify. Coupled with Conversica, Velocify brings more speed and control to the entire sales process, helping teams prospect with more precision, accelerate lead engagement, and implement optimized workflows, ultimately helping sales teams find and convert even more leads.

So Conversica ensures that every single lead is followed up on and that your salespeople spend their days talking with the ones who want to talk with them. And Velocify ensures that they do so as quickly and optimally as possible. Talk about a winning combination – maybe one plus one equals ten, or a million, how about a billion?

You can learn all about this exciting partnership when both companies’ CEOs speak at ELEVATE, Velocify’s free virtual sales kickoff on December 3. Or of course feel free to contact us directly. Do the math – Velocify and Conversica make a winning partnership for all our customers.