It’s been true throughout history – whenever automation is introduced into a profession, people get worried about their jobs. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, what’s this catapult thingy? What the heck, who’s gonna pay me to throw rocks at the enemy now?” It’s a valid concern, perhaps particularly for professional rock throwers, but very often the results have proven to be exactly the opposite.

The reality is that in most instances the automation, although disruptive at first, ultimately led to the humans being freed up to do much higher-value, or less drudge-filled, work. It’s called progress, and every advancement in human achievement has been built on people being empowered to think or do better than those before them.

VentureBeat recently published a very thoughtful article on this precise topic, and it’s interesting reading for anyone contemplating the latest automation wave: Artificial intelligence. Give it a read and feel free to comment below with your thoughts. But please, humans only 🙂