Organizations have long recognized the importance of arming their sales teams for battle with tools such as playbooks, case studies, battlesheets, etc. But surprisingly, until relatively recently technological tools have been somewhat scarce, the focus being more on automating Marketing functions rather than Sales. But that tide is turning rapidly – welcome to the era of the Sales Stack.

And as with all good things, this new era has brought on a flurry of new Sales-related technologies – so rapidly in fact that keeping track of the newest and the best can be overwhelming for Sales teams. They know they need to keep up but, ironically, don’t have the time because they’re out there, y’know, using their intelligence on selling.

So how to amplify their intelligence? And while we’re at it, their time and customer focus as well? All while maintaining the human touch that is so critical? The answer may shock you: Artificial Intelligence. Yes, artificial intelligence with a human touch, that can engage every single one of your leads in a human conversation, and pass the hot ones to the Sales team.

It’s real, it’s now, and it’s enhancing the Sales Stacks of hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of reps at this very moment. Come join Nancy Nardin of Smart Selling Tools in an  exciting webinar on Thu, Sep 15, from 11:00 – 11:45 am PDT, where she’ll delve more deeply into this amazing emerging trend in Sales Stack technology. The era is upon us – don’t be left behind!