Does your business sell something?

Of course it does, and I think it’s safe to say that pretty much every business that sells anything has leads. In fact, most businesses put a lot of effort and expense into getting those leads.

And the hotter the leads the better, right?

But way too often those super-hot leads are allowed to fizzle, and that represents a huge waste of both money and opportunity. So it was my pleasure to have recently hosted a webinar wherein we discussed ways to optimize your leads and avoid the fizzle.

We talked about how different leads are ready to buy at different times: How can you keep track of them all without overloading your sales team? How can you choose among the myriad lead management software available? We focused on three areas of lead management that are essential, regardless of your business:

Engagement – Traditional drip and nurture campaigns may be personalized, but they aren’t personal. You can tell when the email you receive is the same email that everyone else receives, and so can your prospects.

Verification – Many companies invest heavily in obtaining the behavioral and demographic information to help them understand their leads. Why rely on 3rd party data when you can just ask?

Lead Follow-Up – Marketing and sales don’t always agree on when and how often leads should be contacted. How do you know if the second (or seventh) try will be the one that gets you the opportunity?

You’ve paid dearly for your leads – please check out the webinar to learn how to get the most out of every single one of them.