As a company that specializes in conversational AI, we’re always interested in hearing what Americans have to say about artificial intelligent technology. And with ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ opening today, we think it’s only appropriate to ask:

What – or rather who – is America’s favorite robot?

It’s not Data from Star Trek. In fact, the android from Star Trek’s Next Generation and subsequent movies ranked last in a recent poll that surveyed over 1,000 Americans.

The first choice was (drumroll, please)…Star Wars’ R2-D2! The second favorite droid was none other than C-3PO. R2-D2 was also the favorite of men 25-34.  In fact, the blue astromech droid was number one with every male demographic except one: men 35-44.  For someone reason, C-3PO was their favorite droid.

C-3PO was ranked first by women ages 18-24, with Pixar’s Wall-E ranked second.  For women ages 25-34 and 45-54, Wall-E was the clear favorite.

Here’s the ranking on the robots America loves:

America's Favorite Robots

“R2-D2 is clearly America’s favorite robot,” said Carl Landers, SVP, Marketing and CMO of Conversica.  “What’s interesting about America’s love of R2-D2 is that it mirrors how people feel about AI: people love dependability, intuitiveness, and a lack of neediness.  In fact, our research shows businesses love AI because AI can reliably handle routine tasks, freeing up people to be more creative and productive on the job.”

So why don’t people like Data?

“While I don’t want to upset Star Trek fans, I fear Data’s pursuit of being human is what makes him unpopular with Americans.  It seems Americans like their robots, robotic.  Consider that R2-DS and Wall-E don’t even look human, but rather cute, emotive blobs.  Furthermore R2-DS and Wall-E are rather autonomous, while Data has human-like needs, from validation to companionship.”

To check out the full results from our survey, click here.

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