Everyone wants to increase the reach of their SDRs and BDRs without significant expenses or massive complications. Yet, achieving this goal remains out of reach for so many companies—they’re using the wrong technology or making the process too manual.

What about the firms that are getting it right? They’re using conversational AI to start and nurture those vital conversations with leads. Read on to learn about how conversational AI speaks to leads in a native, conversational tone and which businesses have seen amazing results from this technology.

Conversational AI: More than Chatbots

When people hear the phrase “conversational AI,” they think of chatbots. However, conversational AI encompasses much more than that.

Chatbots have their strengths: They can answer simple questions and handle situations that aren’t particularly complex. However, chatbots can’t always understand the deeper meaning behind a customer’s message. That can lead to embarrassing situations which damage the firm’s brand.

The latest developments in conversational AI have produced virtual assistants that conduct such natural conversations with customers that they genuinely feel they’re interacting with just a friendly human, not an impersonal computer. In fact, today’s conversational AI solutions are so engaging that people have asked them out on dates!

How Can Conversational AI Help Your Sales Team?

There is a popular perception that the growing use of AI will result in lost jobs. But in most cases these fears are unfounded—in fact conversational AI often leads to increased hiring because it actually helps employees work more efficiently and effectively.

Conversational AI in a sales scenario works like this: When a lead comes in, the solution sends a message to him or her through email or SMS. You can program conversational AI to be persistent and continue to reach out to prospects. At a certain point, the software will stop trying to reach the lead because it’s clear the lead simply isn’t interested. But if the lead expresses interest or wants more information, the conversational AI platform passes the lead along to a salesperson to close the deal.

Your sales staff no longer wastes time trying to identify hot leads and follow up with them. Instead, employees devote their resources to closing sales, which is what they’re best at and what brings the most value to the firm.

Real-Life Success Stories: Companies Getting Great Results from Conversational AI

There are many companies successfully using conversational AI platforms to effectively reach out to potential customers. Three interesting examples are CenturyLink, Epson, and IBM.

CenturyLink is the third largest telecommunications company in the U.S. It chose Conversica to increase sales conversions.

“For us, lead-to-sales conversion is very much a volume play,” explained Kate Cindric Federhar, CenturyLink’s manager of marketing operations. “The more leads we can get into the top of the funnel, the more business we’ll end up with, so we looked for marketing technology to help us with that.”

“We now use Conversica to contact 90,000 prospects every quarter,” Cindric Federhar added. “This is a huge volume, and the biggest benefit is that we can do it quickly. With Conversica, we’re able to have a real conversation with each one, a personal email thread that can really cut through the clutter and get people’s attention.”

Epson, the global technology leader, chose Conversica in order to optimize leads. Before selecting Conversica, their wasn’t a solid lead follow-up process; leads weren’t qualified before being turned over to salespeople. Since deploying Conversica’s virtual sales assistant, Epson has seen a 240 percent increase in its official response rate. Additionally, the company reported a 75 percent increase in hot leads and the influenced pipeline has grown to $3 million.

While IBM has led the market in delivering innovative technology and business services, it struggled with its digital marketing efforts. IBM’s Global Email Marketing Practice head Kevin Pollack chose Conversica to improve the company’s lead nurture and scoring initiatives. During the trial run of Conversica’s conversational AI solution, IBM generated $6.5 million in pipeline revenue.

Improving your sales reach and lead flow doesn’t have to be time-consuming or labor-intensive. With a conversational AI solution such as Conversica, you can free up your sales team to pursue the most qualified leads and create value for your firm. To learn more, see a live demo.


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