Before we get into that, let’s first talk about how Netflix became the hot girl in the room while Blockbuster got pushed to the nosebleed section. Or how Facebook excitedly jumped on the social bandwagon and took off with flying colors, buggy whip in hand…as Friendster quickly became an artifact on the web? Or how the Blackberry is a sad shadow of its former self, yet Lego was able to come back as a stronger brand after going through several close-calls (David Robertson even wrote a book after them: Brick by Brick: How LEGO Rewrote the Rules of Innovation and Conquered the Global Toy Industry.)

Conversica’s blog readers are a smart bunch, so you’ve probably caught on…one of the top indicators of a business’s success is their thirst for (smart) innovation, and their ability to act upon it. This year’s 2016 B2B Marketing Forum in Boston (Oct 18-21st) is all about the changing consumer landscapes, and how sales and marketing teams can keep up by finding the golden nuggets of available solutions. Your customers are constantly evolving, why shouldn’t you? At Conversica, we use AI technology to power a tool that helps companies find and retain the good leads in their funnel. Our virtual sales assistant saves your sales team the time required for initial outreach, so they can instead more effectively use their energy towards actually making the sale. The future has arrived, and AI is leading the charge. We want to take you with us!

So to answer the big question: Why did mammals survive and dinosaurs didn’t? Is it because mammals are smaller in size? They’re able to generalize more (like the surviving companies, learning to be good with many things, instead of just a few)? But what if they were just plain….lucky?

Okay. So we may not know the answers to why T-Rexes aren’t our next door neighbors. But hey give us a break, the questions still have even scientists scratching their heads. What we do know a lot about, is how our AI tool can really help you stretch your sales and marketing dollars. Conversica’s AI-powered sales assistant automatically engages, qualifies, and follows up with with leads in a human-like two-way conversation. You never have to worry about this sales assistant abandoning a lead. Join us at Booth 310 at the 2016 MarketingProfs’ B2B Marketing Forum in Boston on Oct 18-21st!  You can pre-book for a demo with us here—