Know who’s cool? Gartner. Everybody knows Gartner. They bill themselves as “the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company” and let’s face it, when it comes to delivering technology-related insight, they’re pretty darned cool.

Know what else is cool? Being called cool by Gartner. And we were! Gartner just recently included Conversica in their list of “Cool Vendors” in the Gartner Cool Vendors in CRM Sales, 2016 report. The Cool Vendors in CRM Sales report by Gartner analysts Tad Travis and Ilona Hansen “examines vendors of sales enablement applications that make it easier for salespeople to sell, and easier for them to maximize their knowledge about processes and products.” They note in the report that “improving sales execution with prospecting, lead qualification and training is emerging as a key driver for sales teams.” Hundreds of companies were considered for this honor and we were one of the four selected. Cool, right?

So what’s so cool about Conversica? How about super-futuristic artificial intelligence software that solves an important problem today? You see, Conversica is an artificial intelligence platform that presents itself as your human sales assistant. Your AI virtual assistant will reach out to every single one of your leads, and engage each of them in a human conversation (people truly feel as though they’re interacting with a person).

So Sales sells more, because Conversica’s sales assistant contacts and qualifies all your leads so your salespeople can focus on what they do best…selling. And Marketing markets more effectively, knowing every single lead is being followed up on, and receiving real-time feedback on the engagement of leads in their campaigns.

And Gartner aren’t the only folks who think we’re cool. The Los Angeles Film School increased its lead engagement by over 33 percent with Conversica. Boch Automotive’s AI assistant Conversica’s ‘Crystal’ helped grow their sales by over 60 deals per month. And BombBomb Increases Lead Conversion 43% in Less Than Six Months with Conversica.

Hot things are happening as well! Check out our exciting new corporate video, discover the state of lead follow-up in our commissioned 2015 Sales Effectiveness Report, and learn what you can do to improve your lead follow-up with our eBook Qualifying Sales Leads: Three Pitfalls to Avoid.

So hats off to Gartner for being so darned cool, and for being bold enough to call out the coolness of others when they see it! We’re honored!