Conversica, the leading provider of sales conversion management software for marketing, inside sales and sales, announced today that one of its customers, a large high-growth single-family home rental company serving multiple U.S. markets, has increased annual revenues by US$1.53 million (US$128,000 per month) using its application just after the first three months.

Conversica automatically contacts, engages, nurtures, qualifies, and follows up with leads via natural, two-way email conversations with no human intervention required. As a result, Conversica helps enterprises maximize sales opportunities by optimizing sales team productivity and increases return on investment from existing customer relationship management systems, as well as marketing and sales automation tools.

Within the first three-months of using Conversica, the client generated more than 80 closed rental agreements totaling an average of US$1,600 per month in rental income for each home – resulting in US$1.53 million in additional annual revenue. Since implementing, Conversica, the home rental company has achieved a real-time engagement rate of 53 percent across 9,600 total leads per month generated by Marketo’s marketing automation software and other Internet-based real estate information sources. From those leads, agents set 2,600 appointments, contributing to an incremental monthly revenue increase of US$128,000.

“Conversica helps our agents prioritize their time so they can focus more on converting leads instead of chasing them,” said the director of inside sales for the home rental company. “Now they can close deals faster, which translates to more commission in their pockets and more revenue.” The home rental company integrated Conversica with Marketo and with the Salesforce1 Customer Platform. Marketo drives leads for the rental company by tracking the activity or click-throughs of visitors to the company’s website. Based on the sections of the website that are accessed, Marketo scores the lead to determine the person’s propensity to enter into a rental agreement. Within the Conversica application, the rental company has created the online persona Jeffrey to contact leads via email and quickly qualify Marketo’s scored leads to determine the level of intent to enter into a rental agreement.

Conversica’s sales conversion management platform helps the rental company’s sales team increase efficiencies by:

  • Creating automated, two-way email-based communication with leads using a human persona
  • Determining the lead’s intent in real-time by interpreting text in the email response
  • Alerting the agent to contact qualified leads who indicate intention to rent a home now
  • Following up after the agent’s initial contact to continue to nurture the lead and get additional information or feedback

“Conversica provides the missing piece of automation in the sales cycle,” said Mark A. Bradley, chief executive officer at Conversica. “By adding automated sales conversion management to the marketing automation mix, marketing organizations can be assured that they are providing sales teams with pre-qualified leads that intend to purchase, so inside sales and sales groups can spend more times closing deals.”

A case study with additional details on the home rental company’s success with Conversica can be downloaded at