– Conversica, the leading provider of sales conversion management software for marketing, inside sales and sales organizations, has published an infographic defining the five common lead conversion landmines and how to recognize and avoid these threats to an organization’s sales revenues. A complimentary copy of the infographic can be downloaded at www.conversica.com/landmines.

Sales representatives may spend up to 80 percent of their time prospecting leads and only 20 percent closing leads, despite the fact that marketing organizations are handing off a high volume of leads. The problem lies in lead qualification inefficiencies and lack of an accurate, automated process to determine purchase intent. As a result, reps are frequently overwhelmed, good sales opportunities are missed, and sales conversion rates are low.

Conversica’s infographic covers the process inefficiencies that threaten sales conversion rates, including:

  • Why lead scoring is not enough
  • Why it is challenging for sales to sort leads and prioritize follow-up
  • Why it’s possible to have a high volume of leads but decreasing or flat sales revenue
  • Why sales teams unknowingly miss hot sales opportunities

“The best sales representatives are more concerned about lead quality, not lead quantity,” said Mark A. Bradley, chief executive officer at Conversica. “Conversica’s application provides an effective, automated solution to this challenge, so marketing can hand off qualified leads with purchase intent and reps can spend 80 percent of their time closing hot leads instead of chasing dead ones.”

A complimentary copy of the Conversica infographic, “Lead Conversion Landmines and How to Avoid Them”, can be downloaded for a limited time at www.conversica.com/landmines.