Marketing and Sales teams in fast-growing tech companies must align to ensure they produce measurable results.

At Conversica, we are committed to enabling Marketing and Sales teams to succeed together. In a recent podcast hosted by Bernie Borges of Vengreso, Conversica CMO Rashmi Vittal and Conversica CSO Gregg Ames discuss what it takes to create united Marketing and Sales teams and how such inter-team unity can produce measurable results.

How Traditional Marketing and Sales Alignment Is Defined
Traditionally, marketing and sales have been organized independently of one another in an organization. The marketing team is responsible for brand building, lead generation and attracting opportunities in the market for the company. The sales team is responsible for diligently following up on leads to meet revenue targets.

Historically, each department handled their individual tasks with individual goals, rather than working collaboratively. Separating marketing and sales activities and goals has led to distrust and disagreement over many topics ranging from the quality of leads to the meaning of data and metrics. Each team looked to achieve their results based on their own goals.

At Conversica, marketing and sales leadership works very collaboratively. In fact, their mindset is one of unity between marketing and sales with a shared focus on meeting the needs of their customer and the company’s revenue goals.

The Ideal Customer Profile Explored and Defined
Marketing and sales at Conversica work closely together to define the ideal customer profile, aka ICP. Additionally, the success and delivery teams also play a key role in understanding their ICP. They have created a bullseye chart to define and illustrate their ideal customer profile and constantly monitor their achievement in winning customers within their ICP and even explore factors in winning outside their ICP bullseye.

The leadership team at Conversica invests heavily in training and enablement. The more knowledgeable their teams are, the more effective they are in their sales conversations. Investing in ongoing training and in industry knowledge empowers and enables the sales team to achieve more lead conversions. And both Gregg and Rashmi believe that collaboration has strengthened their united vision of the ideal customer profile and the message they use to attract companies to learn how Conversica’s AI assistant technology can help improve business results.

Feedback From The Customer Success Team Fuels Change
Deriving and interpreting feedback from the Customer Success (CS) team is critical to ongoing success. Customer Success interacts directly with the client and is the gateway through which both marketing and sales garner information about how customers use Conversica. These insights enable them to be responsive to the needs of the customer throughout the buyer’s journey. The collaborative work between marketing and sales enables them to revise the sales process as needed.

Customer Success teams also play a paramount role in reducing “churn.” Their feedback on how the customer uses Conversica‘s products, allows the marketing and sales teams to take action to minimize churn and maximize winning best-fit customers.

How Mutual Accountability Drives Performance
Gregg and Rashmi are impressively passionate about how their teams are accountable to each other and to the company. They both want Conversica to succeed and stay profitable, and they understand they must win together through collaboration. Digging into the data together, evaluating operational details, and working together on a shared view of the business allows them to optimize their time and make adjustments where needed.

Rashmi explains, “Working together through open lines of communication builds and maintains mutual respect and trust. This allows our teams to work more effectively.” Gregg touches on how marketing and sales are not static. He clarifies, “United marketing and sales teams continuously adapt and refine their processes.”

Building integration and collaboration across marketing, sales, and customer success plays a huge role in Conversica’s ability to create measurable results while being adaptive to evolving market dynamics. Learn more about Conversica AI Assistants for Marketing and Sales.

Listen to the full podcast “3 ways to ensure marketing & sales produce measurable results