– Conversica, the leading provider of sales conversion management software for marketing, inside sales and sales, announced today that Vern Fonk, Everett, Washington, is using the Conversica application to close 33 percent of its Internet leads.

Conversica automatically contacts, engages, nurtures, qualifies, and follows up with leads via natural, two-way email conversations with no human intervention required. As a result, Conversica helps enterprises maximize sales opportunities by optimizing sales team productivity and increases return on investment from existing customer relationship management systems, as well as marketing and sales automation tools.

In less than four months, Conversica worked 11,780 leads, resulting in 2,306 leads engaged and 874 policies sold. The sales conversion management software supported several distinct marketing campaigns, including:

  • Inbound leads during business hours – All Internet leads are engaged by Conversica as the first point of contact. 495 inbound leads contacted by Conversica purchased policies during the period.
  • Inbound leads after hours – Conversica works inbound Internet leads 24/7 to collect lead information and keep leads engaged until an agent can respond the next business day. Over less than four months, Conversica engaged 557 leads, which converted to sales of 230 policies.
  • Re-engage campaigns – Conversica helped Vern Fonk re-engage leads considered unresponsive, dead, or idle. The system re-engaged 587 dead leads, resulting in the sale of 93 policies.
  • Win-back campaigns – Over four months, Conversica re-engaged and nurtured 226 past customers and alerted agents when they were ready to buy, resulting in the sale or renewal of 56 policies.

Since then, Conversica has worked approximately 5,000 leads a month. All leads are fed into the Conversica system and on average, 33 percent of engaged leads eventually make a purchase. Currently 60 reps use Conversica daily.

“Many sales require multiple contacts that can span weeks or months,” said Mark A. Bradley, chief executive officer at Conversica. “Vern Fonk leaves that on-going engagement and nurturing to Conversica so its sales reps can focus on closing prequalified leads that intend to purchase.”

“Conversica is a revolutionary tool to take your company to the next level,” said Robert Thielke, president at Vern Fonk. “After the initial contact, our reps do not have the time to continually work the lead. We leave that to the Conversica virtual persona and that helps us capture sales that we would otherwise miss.”

A case study detailing the success Vern Fonk has had with Conversica can be downloaded at www.conversica.com/vern-fonk