I’m excited to tell you that Ben Chaib, one of the best presenters I know (and a heck of a nice guy) will be joining us for a fun webinar on October 29 at 11 AM Pacific. No, sorry, he won’t really be talking about highballs. Instead he’ll be discussing how, as VP of Sales and Marketing for The Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood, he wanted to give leads a personal touch so when a lead came in sales reps were given a full seven attempts or seven days – “7 and 7” – to make a touch before any automation was introduced.

Unfortunately, despite having first opportunity, they were only making an average of 1.6 touches, leading to disappointing conversion rates. So Ben started leveraging Conversica and it’s sales enablement tools in some very creative ways, and managed to increase his lead engagement by 33% (!). And if you join us on the webinar, you’ll learn exactly how he did it so you can apply his terrific experience to your lead conversion efforts.

It should be a great session, and we’ve purposely scheduled it early in the day so you still have plenty of time to learn, and then go enjoy a real 7 and 7 (on your own time of course, never the company’s).