A Resources Roundup for Business Leaders Looking to Combat the COVID-19 Crisis

Business leaders grappling with the reality of the COVID-19 situation and ensuing economic recession are seeking guidance to help them adapt in the short term and thrive in the long term. Here at Conversica, we empathize with those needs. Over the past two months, we have been hard at work addressing our customers’ questions, concerns, and yes, even opportunities to get through these tough times.

In that effort, we gathered a handful of articles and resources pertinent to business leaders looking to push forward despite the current crisis. Here is a roundup of valuable and practical advice on how to handle the present situation, including tips for managing a remote team, projections about the future and advice for augmenting your workforce.

MarketingProfs: “Reaching and Persuading Buyers at a Time of Crisis: What B2B CMOs Can Do by Tom Cunniff, Mike Cucka
When it comes to Marketing and Sales activities, what worked last quarter may not work this quarter. So, rather than thinking like a hungry seller, this MarketingProfs article recommends that Marketing and Sales teams think more like a thrifty or even reluctant buyer. By expressing the real, tangible value of your offerings and practical advice to meet your prospect’s pain points and goals, B2B organizations can do a better job of selling to other businesses.

Wall Street Journal: “Toward COVID-19 Recovery: 3 Economic Cases
Thoughtful and proactive business leaders are working hard to steel themselves for today and plan for a largely uncertain future. These are not easy tasks. In this article, Deloitte shares three economic projections ranging from mild to severe and recommends some decisive actions you can take to lay the groundwork for vigorous recovery.

Conversica: “Why Revenue-Obsessed Teams Embrace the Augmented Workforce During Uncertain Times
There’s another shift happening in the workplace known as the Augmented Workforce, in which business professionals work alongside artificial intelligence to drive better business outcomes. This Conversica blog post examines how Intelligent Virtual Assistants help Marketing, Sales and Customer Success teams to drive prospects and customers towards the next best action.

Wall Street Journal: “Context Is Key When Leading Virtually
Businesses of all sizes and industries are facing the challenges of managing a virtual workforce. This article shares tips for companies rethinking communication and collaboration to better understand issues of nuance, nonverbal cues and critical signals from their team members working remotely.

SalesIntel: “Should You Stop Investing in Marketing Efforts During a Crisis?
The short answer is no. But when every dollar spent or earned means so much more, it’s important for Marketers to investigate how to get the most bang for their buck. This SalesIntel blog post covers the negative consequences associated with pausing Marketing activities, as well as a few benefits from pushing ahead despite the present difficulties.

Conversica: “How Marketers Can Adapt During Tough Times” by Rashmi Vittal
Marketers are rapidly shifting around shrinking budgets to meet the needs of their Sales team. To help qualify leads, drive pipeline generation, and accelerate handraisers, many organizations are adopting Intelligent Virtual Assistants to follow up with leads at scale. Explore tips including driving virtual event registrations, qualifying low-scoring leads and reactivating cold or dormant leads in this Conversica blog post.

Wall Street Journal: “Live Sports and Entertainment Are Shut. Sponsorships Are Taking a Hit.” by Sahil Patel
Large sporting and entertainment events have been postponed or canceled outright, leaving billions of dollars in sponsorship deals up in the air. Still, organizations are seeking new opportunities to engage with customers during and after the pandemic.

Conversica: “Strengthen Fundraising During Tough Times With an IVA (Webinar)
Despite these uncertain times, one thing is certain—the need for fundraising revenue and staying engaged with donors is as important as ever. But how do you build meaningful relationships with donors with fewer opportunities for in-person conversations? This webinar covers how an Intelligent Virtual Assistant helps fundraising teams to engage donors and prospects in personalized, two-way conversations at scale.

Conversica: “Maximize Virtual Event ROI (eBook)
Marketers are being forced to shift away from in-person events and trade shows in favor of virtual events. But how do you ensure the greatest return on your investments? This eBook explores how Marketers can boost pre-event awareness and attendance, as well as post-event follow up and conversions by leveraging an Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

While we are all eagerly anticipating the end of this crisis, none of us can afford to write off the quarter. As business leaders, it is your responsibility to ensure a happy, healthy and productive workforce. Hopefully, these resources provide a little bit of support in those efforts.

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