Monday night we held our annual Conversica customer dinner on the eve of Dreamforce 2018. As many people travel from out of town to the Dreamforce conference, we asked our current Conversica AI Assistant customers what they are looking forward to most at Dreamforce 2018. We were happy to hear such excitement about both the Dreamforce 2018 conference and their passion for our AI technology.

Lars Christensen, VP Marketing Demand Generation, Snowflake Computing:

“Typically, when I go to Dreamforce, it’s about just exploring whether I have any blind spots when it comes to technologies I can deploy. And it’s a great spot to meet peers and old colleagues that I haven’t talked to for long time, so I’m there for the networking purposes also.”

How did Snowflake end up using Conversica? “We came to Conversica with one specific use case and it was to follow up and comb through some of our low value leads and see if the AI Assistant could identify some business there, and we’ve had some good experiences, so we’re looking to expand those use cases.”

Justin Donlon, Manager of Business Applications for Sales & Marketing, Carbonite:

“At Dreamforce this year, I’m looking for anything that’s going to help define and refine the customer journey, specifically around cross-sell and up-sell. Carbonite has acquired a few companies recently  and we want to make sure that we that we are able to effectively cross sell and up sell across our different customer bases.”

What does Carbonite use Conversica for? “So far we have been using Conversica a lot very successfully  for warming up leads and prospects, as well as for leads and prospects that have gone cold after a while, and we are considering expanding it to cross-sell and up-sell scenarios as well.

William Wagner, Head of Marketing at Cloud Lending Solutions:

“At Dreamforce, I’m most looking forward to just learning about new marketing automation tools, ABM and just general learning from other experts. This is my 10th Dreamforce and it gets bigger and bigger every single year. Last year, I went by the Conversica booth when I was in the middle of an evaluation process, so I went up and saw a demo and then shortly thereafter I actually ended up purchasing.” 

How has Cloud Lending Solutions been enjoying Conversica? “It’s been phenomenal. I’m extremely excited. It’s one of the few things that I’ve put in that’s actually worked far beyond my expectations,” says Wagner.

Michael Schnell, Marketing Operations, Prezi:

“I’m looking forward to seeing all of the companies show what they’ve got. I’m always looking at new technology and new experiences. Having those conversations with all these companies and people, and being able to do that all-in-one place, is always a blast. This will be my fourth Dreamforce.”

How did Prezi end up using Conversica? “The first time we ever heard of Conversica, my colleague had a demo at the booth and dragged me along. She got a pair of Beats headphones there, and from that booth conversation, we had a longer demo with our sales rep from Conversica, and about 3 months later, we are customers. It’s been a lot of fun, there’s a cool buzz around the company of having a robot kind of working for us and it’s been giving us a pretty positive ROI too, which is always great,” says Schnell.

Shayna Harrison, Digital Marketing & Automation Analyst at Sutter Physician Services:

“I’m really looking forward to learning and collaboration this trip. This is my third Dreamforce.” What does she hope to learn about Conversica at Dreamforce? “We just started this past year with Conversica, so we’re looking to learn more about how we can use the tool and collaborate with other people who are using it as well.”

Kristen Bryant, Senior Director of Demand Generation, Optima Healthcare Solutions:

“At Dreamforce, we’re really looking forward to seeing how others are using technology in different ways, what advanced programs they’re using for their marketing, and what 2019 is going to bring for us.”

Optima gives Conversica high praise. “As for Conversica, we love the tool. We’ve been using it for about eight months and it’s really doing great things for us. Conversica is really helping us with our conversion rates and ROI, and taking a burden off of our SDR team,” she adds.

Lisa Martinez, Sale Operations Manager for Reduxio:

“Dreamforce for me this year is going to focus on improvement for my team. I’m looking forward to learning about new tools that can make my team more productive.”

Nancy Nardin, Co-founder of Vendor Neutral and Smart Selling Tools:

“I’m looking forward to lots of great conversations, really learning what’s happening, learning what the direction of the industry is, and finding out all of the great things that Conversica and others are doing.”

Any guesses about what Conversica will be doing at Dreamforce 2018? “I know you always have some fun booths. You’ve had the gold mining booth and the cherry picking booth. So, I don’t know…it’s hard to tell with you! You always come up with something fun and new every year,” says Nardin.

Kate Zhukova, Business Analyst with Coastal Cloud:

“This is my first Dreamforce.” What does Coastal Cloud use Conversica for? “We use Conversica primarily for campaigns. We have a lot of campaigns for events, so we do a lot of reaching out after events for lead follow-up. We use Conversica for engaging those leads. She’s been great for that – a huge time saver.”

Visit us: Conversica & AI Lead Patrol at Customer Success Expo

If you’re attending Dreamforce 2018, stop by Conversica’s Customer Success Expo booth 1924 and take the opportunity to meet our AI Lead Patrol and see our Conversica AI Sales Assistants in action! You might just win some Beats, too.